<div class="testimonial-container col-md-6"><div class="testimonial white-bg"> <img src="https://5ive-star-gear-cdn.azureedge.net/media/2123/alankay.jpg" /> <p class="gray-dark">“I use 5IVE STAR GEAR because it’s been around for over 50 years. It’s family owned and the employees are good people who share the same passion for the outdoors that I do. They have top quality gear and customer service that you can count on.”</p> <p class="testimonial-name gray-dark">- Alan Kay</p> </div></div> <div class="testimonial-container col-md-6"><div class="testimonial white-bg"> <img src="https://5ive-star-gear-cdn.azureedge.net/media/2125/scalyadventures.jpg" /> <p class="gray-dark">“Here at Scaly Adventures we are passionate about educating our viewers, particularly our younger viewers, about survival craft, orienteering and other outdoor skills that aren’t traditionally taught to young people today. 5IVE STAR GEAR is both durable and affordable for everyone, so viewers can purchase the gear and try the things they’ve seen on our TV show for themselves.” “The wide variety of gear offered by 5IVE STAR GEAR allows us to be able to have an almost never-ending palate of choices for things that we can share with our viewers through Scaly Adventures.” “We are proud to feature 5IVE STAR GEAR in our E/I broadcast television series as well as provide some of the gear as a thank you to those we’ve filmed with and feature on TV.” “5IVE STAR GEAR is top notch and we are proud to represent them on TV in Scaly Adventures and at our live presentations to students in schools.”</p> <p class="testimonial-name gray-dark">- Scaly Adventures Crew</p> </div></div> <p> </p>