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A compact survival fire-starting device with a unique configuration of half magnesium and half ferrocerium formed into a unitary rod that is perfect for any outdoor adventure as well as bug-out bags or emergency kits.;

  1. Half magnesium, half is ferrocerium measuring 7mm in diameter and 3 inches long
  2. An efficient size for getting a good grip while still being compact enough to fit even the smallest survival kit
  3. To use, scrape off shavings of the magnesium (the silver portion) to use as the accelerant and then strike the ferrocerium (the gray portion) to create sparks to ignite the magnesium shavings
  4. A Ceramic Micro Striker/Scraper and a protective case is included

Made in USA


(1 Reviews)
  • Posted: February 28, 2020

    Reviewer: Tanya Curren

    Location: SC, United States

    We love this product! We keep it in our backpack so that we're able to start a fire anywhere when needed. It's lightweight, super compact and takes up hardly any space in a backpack or cargo pocket. It's definitely something we recommend to anyone who likes to go camping or hiking, and it's a great item to have in an emergency kit or bug out bag.